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This context menu appears when an Actor is right-clicked in an UnrealEd Viewport. A more specialized menu appears on brushes and movers: see Brush Context Menu.

For UnrealEd Interface menus in other windows and context menus, see UnrealEd Menus.

For more on working with actors, see Actor Overview.

<class> properties 
opens the floating actor properties window for this actor or group of actors.
commands to show mover polygons in the BSP & change the keyframe. See mover.
Reset -> 
reset rotation, pivot, scaling or all. Use the reset rotation command as frequently as possible to avoid gimbal lock errors
Transform -> 

see also Brush Transformation.

  • Mirror About X: When a pivot is selected, mirrors the brush on x axis.
  • Mirror About Y: When a pivot is selected, mirrors the brush on y axis.
  • Mirror About Z: When a pivot is selected, mirrors the brush on z axis.
  • Transform Permanently: Makes any scale changes/other changes to the brush permanent. Resets changed values back to 0.

Note on the mirror commands: the axis is the normal to the plane of reflection, not the plane of reflection itself (common mistake when thinking in a 2D viewport)

Order -> 
brings selection to front or back of the Brush Order.
Polygons -> 

opens polygons submenu

  • To Brush: use on a world brush to make the red builder brush take on its shape.
  • From Brush: use on a world brush to make it take the current shape of the red builder brush.
  • Merge: merges coplanar faces of a brush. See Merge Polygons.
  • Seperate: seperates faces that have been previously merged. See Merge Polygons.

Select all <class> 
selects all of the same of the selected actor.
Select all 
selects everything in the world, such as brushes, actors, lights, etc...
  • If used on an actor/brush that is part of a group, it will select all in the particular group.
Select none 
deselects everything that is currently selected.
Select brushes 
allows selection of ALL brushes that are Additive, Subtractive, Semisolid, or Nonsolid.
creates a copy of a selected actor/brush. The characteristics and values of the selected actor/brush are carried over to the duplicate. Keyboard equivalent: CTRL-W or SHIFT-D
deletes selected actors.
Edit script
opens and displays the UnrealScript code of the selected object's class in the script editor window.
Make current
Makes the class of this actor the selected class in the Actor Class Browser. It will now show in the Viewport Context Menu -> Add <class> here command.