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The Actor Search window is an extremely handy and often neglected tool in UnrealEd.

Open with:

The list on the left initially shows all actors in the current map.

Type into any of the three fields on the right. The list will narrow down to those that match your criteria.

Double-click any name in the list to focus all the UnreaEd viewports on that actor.

Use Actor Search to:

  • Reveal hidden brushes (see Actor (UT)/Advanced).
  • Find all actors of a given class. Since actor names are always built like <classname><number>), type the first few letters of the class name, until the list on the left shows only actors of this class.
  • Find all actors triggered by an event.
  • Find all actors that fire an event (note that actors which use properties other than Event to do this won't show up, eg Dispatcher, RoundRobin).

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