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Devastation - Resistance breeds revolution.

The Official web site: http://www.devastationgame.co.uk/

For information regarding the different Unreal engine builds visit Unreal Engine Versions.

See also the Devastation Troubleshooting FAQ (doesn't exist yet).

The current version of Devastation is 390. Version 390 finally allows American and European (unless you are French or Russian) players to join the same server. This version is not network compatable or mod compatable with previous versions of Devastation.

The devastation master server doesn't seem to be operation and so you cannot join games from within the multiplayer menu. You can play online with a program called the All Seeing Eye, available Here

Devastation Storyline

If you are thinking of purchasing devastation, or you arrived at this page and need something good to read :-) this is the storyline behind devastation.

The year is 2075. Instead of a bright and peaceful utopia, a corrupt mega corporation named "Grathius" controls the world by force, using pacification squads to kill any who oppose them.

You are Flynn Haskell, the leader of a small band of resistance fighters determined to rid the world of grathius and thier evil schemes. You have to stop focusing on small scale objectives and take the fight for freedom all the way to the top.

It just so happens the pac-squad oppressors have a nanotechnology cloning machine developed by grathius scientists to resurrect fallen troops. I won't spoil anything for you, lets just say these cloning machines will come in handy for your resistance team.....

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System Requirements


Processor: AMD/pentuim 733mhz

Operating system:Windows 95/98/ME/XP


Graphics:32MB with T&L abilities

Sound:Any windows compatible sound card, no real recommendations.

Hard drive: 1GB free space

These are the absolute MINIMUM requirements. With those specs, don't expect the game to run well or look nice.


Processor: AMD/pentium 1GHZ or higher

Operating system: Windows XP

RAM:At least 256MB. More is always better, I recommend 512MB.

Graphics: 64MB ATI Radeon/nVidea GeForce. For optimum performance, go with 128 or 256 MB video memory.

Sound:Any windows sound card.

A 2.0 GHZ processor, 512MB RAM and radeon 9550 should be suffice to run this game to its full potential.

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