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This page describes all of the console commands specific to the game Devastation.

Non Cheat Console Commands

These console commands can be activated at any time whether cheat mode is enabled or not.

Turns the crosshair on and off.
Selects the next available crosshair.
SetCrosshair <number> 
Sets the crosshair to the crosshair at position <number> in the list.
This command respawns all of your team mates at your current location.
This command resets your current progress through the game.
This command shows a small "radio" that lists the current tracks installed in the music directory. A track can be selected and played.
This command closes the radio window. Any track currently playing will continue.
This command toggles the display of the current version of the game.

View mode controls

rmode 1 
View the game as a wireframe like in the editor. Very useful for checking occlusion efficiency.
rmode 2
Zone portal. Use this to check zoning or to find a pesky BSP Hole
rmode 3 
Texture use
rmode 4 
BSP cuts view.
rmode 5 
Return to normal view (dynamic light, textured)
rmode 6 
Textured (no lighting)
rmode 7 
Lighting only (dynamic light, no textures).

Cheat Console Commands

To access these commands the INI file setting bNoCheating=False must be set. In a multiplayer game you must also be logged in as an admin.

SetHeads <name> 
This command can be used to change the head models of the players (including bots). The value of name determines which head will be displayed. There are shotcut console commands for some of these. Possible values for name are:
* Horse Shorcutcut console command = horseheads
* Pig Shorcutcut console command = pigheads
* Rat Shorcutcut console command = ratheads
* Crab
* Lobster
* Skeleton
* Dragon
* Dreenk
Removes all of the heads from all players (including bots) in the game.
Makes all players (including bots) have heads about twice the size of normal.
Returns everyone's heads back to normal.
HurtMe <amount> 
Inflicts amount points worth of damage on yourself.
This command gives you all of the weapons, bucket loads of cash, and the ability to carry anything. It also selects the P*Laser.
This command gives you all of the weapons and selects the Cobra Cannon.
This command enables you to carry as much as you like without becoming encumbered. It also displays a quaint message in network games.
CheatGetWeapon <package>.<class> 
This command will add the specified weapon to your inventory and select it. A list of weapon class names for use with this command is given below.
CheatGetInventory <package>.<class> 
This command will give you the specified item of inventory. A list of inventory item class names for use with this command is given below.
This command gives you 10,000 dollars to spend.
This command unlocks all of the game maps and scenarios.

Weapon List

NOTE: These classes cannot be created dynamically in a map using the summon console command. Instead the class DWeaponPickup must be used – this is still under investigation.

AssaultRifle DInventory.DAssaultRifle
Tiko DInventory.AutoMag Tiko
2 x 4 DInventory.DBigStick
Billy club DInventory.DBillyClub
Bolta DInventory.DBolta
Bottle DInventory.DBottle
KLUM shotgun DInventory.DBullpup
Cobra Cannon DInventory.DCobraCannon
45 Auto DInventory.DColt
45 match DInventory.DColtPlus
D4 ParaSniper rifle DInventory.DD4Sniper
Flash grenade DInventory.DFlashGrenade
Nailgun DInventory.DFlechette
Gas grenade DInventory.DGasGrenade
Frag grenade DInventory.DGrenade
Katana DInventory.DKatana
Knife DInventory.DKnife
P*Laser DInventory.DLaserRifle
Micro viper DInventory.DMicroViper
Military sniper rifle DInventory.DMilitarySniper
Minigun DInventory.DMinigun
9mm Auto DInventory.DNineMM
9mm Match DInventory.DNineMMPlus
9mm SMG DInventory.DNineSMG
Hands DInventory.DPunchHands
Rat drone DInventory.DRatDrone
Riot pump action shotgun DInventory.DRiotPump
Smoke grenade DInventory.DSmokeGrenade
Springbok sniper rifle DInventory.DSniper

Inventory List