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Unreal Tournament (1/2003/2004) comes with a number of gametypes, and more are created by modders. Each gametype has its own rules for the player, and sometimes its own systems of actors that must be implemented by the mapper. Just as important, the general gameplay aspect of a map is influenced by the gametype it is designed for. This topic page lists pages that cover individual gametypes. For a full list of available gametypes, see the subclass tree at GameInfo.

Standard Game Types

UT2004 only gametypes:

UT2003 and UT2004 gametypes:

Unreal Tournament only gametypes:

Unreal 1 gametypes:

UT2004 Mods

UT2003 Mods

UT Mods

Other Gametypes

Mod pages

A number of mods have dedicated pages on the wiki:

Related Topics


Sweavo: Should fill in all the actual gametype names here. Obviously there are new ones coming along from time to time, but the official ones can be listed and the Power of Wiki can be left to deal with the rest.

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