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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info (Package: Engine)

Abstract base class of all information holding classes.

See Info (UT) for the UT version of this class.


The Info class itself has no new properties, but it hides the following Actor class property groups in the Actor Properties window: Movement, Collision, Lighting, LightColor, Karma and Force

Actor class properties are not replicated for Info subclasses unless they explicitely set bSkipActorPropertyReplication to False again. Also the Info (sub)class properties are only replicated when they change. However, by default the Info class's RemoteRole is set to ROLE_None, so replication is completely disabled.


FillPlayInfo (PlayInfo PlayInfo) [static] 
bool AcceptPlayInfoProperty (string PropertyName) 

Known Subclases

Placeable Subclasses

Subclasses which are either placeable themselves or that have placeable subclasses.

Not-Placeable Subclasses

UT2004 Only