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This is a list of known Static Mesh packages. Use the Static Mesh Browser to examine these packages. Note: Do Not Alter Default Packages.

Several packages have alternative skins for the SMs in a texture package, eg HumanoidHardwareBrush.UTX contains skins for HumanoidHardware.

Unreal Tournament 2003

See also the Legacy:Static Mesh Package/Index by theme, which lists the packages by catagories like "lights" and "lifts."

Static Mesh Pack Theme and type (eg. alien, lights) Uses Dominant Hue
AWHardware blades, fans and signs meathouses bloody or rusty metal
AWMagicHardware Portal with a camera client texture Can be used as a viewport of some kind green and purple
AWPipes Tech-Metal decos 2 meshes: bundled pipes, and steel grating rusted metal
AWStellarMeshes a flat moon and a ball with stars all around it, purdy skybox black and white
AW_AlleriaHW pipes from geothermal plumbing, very big plumbing bone
AbaddonHardware lights, supports, walkways, cages and strange plants Evil but could be used for industrial reddy-brown
AlienTech Forest Catwalks Tokara style walkways and bridges Brown, Green, Bone White
AlleriaHardware supports, lights, ramps and pipe tubing industrial moldy-looking white and orange.
AntalusStatic trees, rocks and antalus lifts natural bone white, green and brown
AnubisStatic egyptian statues egyptian yellow, brown
ArboreaHardware bushes, trees and tokara hardware natural green and bone
ArboreaLandscape cliff walls natural brown
BarrenHardware-epic rim, statues, decorations egyptians yellow
BarrenHardware Egyptian-styled decos Decorations, supports, and some lights Black and Gold
BastienHardware a large tower, some pipes, some ramps industrial brown
BulldogMeshes Bulldog vehicle 2 meshes: Bulldog and a wheel Yellow
CP_Nightmare1_Epic a ring of fog, some walls, and some of the beautiful architecture from curse3 evil brown and red
CavernStatic some walkways and some caverns natural/industrial brown and metallic grey
Citadel_Static Big tower, spikey mine, rocks, bridges, grass, spikey plants, doorframe Rusty metal spikey stuff (?)
Comp Nice lights, pipes and boiler, and an odd wire-support Industrial Mixed shiny/matt grey/darkbeige
E_Pickups Health/Armor/UDamage and the BR ball Everywhere necessary Gold, Blue, Purple
EffectMeshes A chunk of dirt? (?) (?)
Egypt_techmeshes_Epic Lots of egyptian deco and architectural meshes esp. Face3/SunTemple, also some general-purpose sunbeam-effect meshes Egypttech levels, light shining through cracks Sandstone, some neon
EndGame-New An egypt-style pillar with trim Egypt? =P Sandstone/Gold
EndStatic Stone pillars, rocks, stone deco's stairs, dead tree Old stone stuff (?)
Epic_November2 *The* Ship (CTF-December) Erm a ship! "Battleship" Gray with red highlights
Face3_decomeshes Decos from CTF-Face3 (?) Brown/Beige
G_Finalset1_M_CP Doorway, Hallbrace, Lightbrace Futuristic Mechanical Metallic, Blue
GeneralStatic Template SkyBox cylinder Night-time sky or retexture to suit Blue/Black
GeothermalStatic Coloured powertube, glass and other pipes/wires from CTF-Geothermal Industrial Grey/Red
Goose 2 meshes to do with a pool FluidSurface (?) Untextured
HumanoidHardware Antennae, braces, columns/supports, walkways, beams, misc deco, grates, lights, big pipes, concrete walls. Alternative skins in HumanoidHardwareBrush texture package Army/city themed. (?)
IceCliffs Rock cliffs with snow caps Boundaries of snowy levels White and Gray/Brown
Industrial_Static Girders & supports, pipes, rails, stone & blank columns, wall panels. Industrial (?)
JWDecember Bunker, vent, light cones. Army stuff (?)
NvidiaLogo_M The Nvidia logo seen when the game starts You probably don't want to use this ;) Black and White
ParticleMeshes System Meshes to use with ParticleEmitters (?)
Pipe_Static Interior panels (walls/ceilings), wall-mounted industrial items, supports Industrial interiors Metal/Concrete
Pipe_staticmeshes Earlier versions (not properly centered) of some from PipeStatic Not needed (?)
PlungeMeshes Glowing pipes and light-trims from DM-Plunge and other Skyline-theme levels (?) Red/Black, white
ProcMeshes Fluidsurface for streams? (?) Untextured
SC-Intro_Meshes The column in the intro that Gorge smashes =) Not many! white/grey
SC_Volcano_M CTF-Magma, both the castle and the false-terrain meshes Medievil castle and lava Brown/Red
ShiptechHardware Techy stuff, in the style of UT's blue Tech textures. Seen in DM-Fluid. Metal roofs, aerials, pipey stuff, steps, floors, doorways, walls, jumppad, fan, tubes, industrial stuffage. Industrial/Futuristic Synthetic, greys, some whites/blues/beige
SurvivalGuideMeshes 2 door panels and misc lock parts for a sliding door, a tv monitor model, 1 wall panel (?) (?)
TowerStatic Contains the Static Meshes that form CTF-Maul. Tower/bunker, grass, wire fence, dead tree, landpad, lightpost, sphere tank, ringwire, spotlights, trees, bush, wall, broken wall. External, nature settings(!?) Night metals
TroffHardware 1 tall square tower piece and 1 nifty teardrop-shaped sky-ball with a warp drive effect shader (?) (?)
Trophy_endroom Tournament trophies and the architecture for the end game Use sparingly, it's from a cutscene so it's all high-poly (?)
VehicleMeshes 2 complete 'hoverbike' models IIRC UEd balks when you try to add these (?)
WastelandHardware Giant rib cage (from the Vehicle Test) Ancient / Nightmare Neutral
WeaponStaticMesh All the UT2003 weapon pickup meshes here (?) (?)
XGame_StaticMeshes Gametype specific like BR gates, DOM controlpoints etc (?) (?)
XceptOneObjA A door from DM-Flux NewTech / Space Metal
cf_DE Collision, corpses and meshes from DM-Gael NewTech / Space Metal
cf_sm01 Space static meshes and skybox effects from DM-Phobos. Asteroids, planets, floors, doorframes, planet rings, windows, tube brace/lift. Space Metal
cf_sm02 CTF-Face 3 static meshes. Anubis, complete floor sections etc. Egyptian Tan / Light Browns
cp_wasteland_mesh A lot of ruined castle walls and towers Ancient Browns / Grays
epic_phobos Two static meshes out of DM-Phobos. A Radar and a Wing Space Metal
sg_UT2003_pickups Jumpboots! Jumpboots (already been done) Metal
skyline-meshes-epic Wall sections, pillars and trim; low-poly background buildings; blimp; some converted BSP from an old version Mostly only useful for rooftop maps, pillars and wall-sections might be handy elsewhere white
wm_meshes Mainly the egyptian meshes used in BR-TwinTombs. Walls, pillars, corners and trims. Egyptian levels. Tan, light browns

Unreal Tournament 2004

(May include packages from CBP or other bonus packs, unfortunately I can't easily reinstall, sorry)

Static Mesh Pack Theme and type (eg. alien, lights) Uses Dominant Hue
2k4_Nvidia intro logo not much white, green
2k4ChargerMeshes the pair of new 2k4 charger meshes health and weapons blue/grey, green/brown
2k4Trophies shiny UT trophy trophy rooms? shiny gold
AbaddonHardware lights, pipes, walkways, lava rocks, lots of spikes savage areas, some machinery dirt, red
Albatross_architecture grey stone bridges, tiles, arches, pillars, some rocks castle grey hewn stone
AlienBrushes untextured rounded stuff not much untextured
Aliencrystal single untextured rock not much untextured
AlienTech Arborea walkways, balcony, light, some crystals, some decos Arborea light bricks, brown/green rock
AlleriaHardware lots of small pipes, human-size pipes, walkways, support deco, wires, machinery industrial, pipe assault yellow/orange icedamaged, some blue/yellow/grey tech
AntalusStatic green trees, some rocks, a few Arborea-style platforms Arborea green trees, green rock/white bricks
AnubisStatic big egyptian statues, brazier, torch, arch, glowing disc egyptian egyptian stone
ArboreaHardware walkways, plants, rock trim, wall deco, some big pieces alien nature/forest white bricks, green stone
ArboreaLanscape (sic) cliff/rock deco Arborea brown stone
AS_Decos construction barricade, bomber plane, barrel, Hellbender engine, metal shelving urban varied
AS_Vehicles_SM Destroyed Ion Tank, non-destroyed spacefighter (human and skaarj) outer space burnt tank, blue and grey metal ships
AS_Weapons_SM Minigun turret, ceiling turret, floor turret, jumbo turret pieces, objective arrow, city, turret weapons various
AW-2004Crystals several crystal outcroppings, flakes, spikes crystaline cave blue crystal, grey stone
AW_AlleriaHW Shiny pipes (t-intersection, corner, straight) Alleria? bright shiny metal
AW-Bridge a few untextured items not much untextured
AW-DemoMeshes bump map demos not much demos?
AWHardware railings, meat, sawblades, doors, conveyor, chain, tiles, lever, lighting meathouse shades of rust, grey tiles
AW-Junk2 untextured stuff not much untextured
AW-Junk pipes, walkways, piles of junk, giant rusted A and B, broken vehicles junkyard rust reds/oranges/browns
AWMagicHardware "Magic Camera Plane"? ? ?
AW-MechMeshes single tall, thin light somewhere dark grey w/ blue light
AW-Natural single rock talon cave brown/grey
AW-Nature random untextured stuff not much untextured
aw-neutral two partially textured dock pieces not much untextured
AW-PhysicMeshes some untextured stuff not much untextured
AWPipes grated lift, a pipe cluster industrial rust, metal
AW-RustMeshes pile of chairs, barrel, pipes, tanks, bridge, sign; shrub junkyard rust (duh?)
AW-Steel Molten steel pipes (straight, slanted, drop) , pipe support steel factory molten metal, rust
AWStellarMeshes moon card, skybox (skyball?) of stars outer space greyscale
AW-Tech lots of untextured tech not much untextured
BarrenHardware egyptian deco galore, mostly pillars and wall trims egyptian sandstone
BarrenHardware more deco, some large meshes, wall trim lights egyptian sandstone, some dark stone
BastienHardware arrow, light, human pipe, ramps, large tower industrial dark grey
BastienHardware castle pieces: grates, lights, blocks, terrain, spiral stairs, large pieces industrial castle shades of stone
BenMesh01 lots of pillars, grass and trees, some big building ruins, castle top stone castle stone, green plants
BenMesh02 stadium pieces, seats, ramps, scaffolding, ring of fire xxxtreme sports map browns
BenTropicalSM01 cliff pieces and foliage, palm plants, volcano, small bridge pieces tropical outdoors stone, green plants
BP_egyptnew egyptian trim pieces egyptian sandstone, blue lights
BulldogMeshes bulldog pieces not much sand color
cass_staticmesh large pieces not much blue-green
CaveDecoMeshes three blue mushrooms cave? blue w/spots
CavernStatic cave pieces, arch, flooring, light, gate some pieces usable anywhere various
CB-Desert1 rock and cliff pieces outdoor rocky desert layered sandstone
CB-Desert2 a couple rock pieces outdour rocky desert stone
CB-StaticMesh single reinforced sandbag mesh urban, warzone yellow sandbags, green metal
cf_DE misc characters/corpses, lift, a few small pieces not much various
cf_sm01 DM-Phobos2 skylight pieces, planets, flooring and framing indoor space station metal, colorful planets
cf_sm02 egyptian/egyptech pieces and deco egyptian sandstone, gold, blue lights
cf_static1 shiny pipe, untextured stuff not much mostly untextured
cf_staticMushrooms more blue mushrooms a la CaveDecoMeshes caves and woods blue with spots
Citadel_Static sinister citadel pieces, spiked ball, bridges, cactus, light, tiles dark citadel dark green stone
Comp pipes, lights, boiler industrial grey
Corrosion_Hardware railing, large pipe wherever blue metal
cp_enviromesh1 rock wall piece, simple waterfall not much various
cp_Evil pump, pipes, grating dark foundry red, rusty metal
cp_Evilstatic2 stair railing, piece of machinery not much greenish metal
cp_Mechstaticpack1 lots of DM-Injector/IronDeity tech deco, techbarrels, lights, doorways, braces, light tubes, wall/floorpanels tech green metal
CP_Nightmare1_Epic walkways, deco, lava quake 3/doom 3-style greys, reds
cp_simplewall_meshes pipe cluster, hi-poly decorative wall panels industrial green metal
cp_stevetest1 Meta-package designed to give quick access to ALL smeshes various various
CP_UT2K3_TechSetMesh1 superset of cp_simplewall_meshes plus a few door pieces industrial green metal
cp_wasteland_mesh ruined brickwork walls, untextured stuff brick ruins brick color? greys
DanielsMeshes single untextured ball not much untextured
DEBonusMeshes pyramid, pillar egyptian sandstone
DEBPchecker the ceiling/glass/trailing plants from DM-Ironic Interesting ceilingglass effects green/grey
DemoMeshes Karma collision primitives and a mesh for skybox cylinders with a 'floor' primitives untextured
Desp_SMS-SM All the interior techmeshes from AS-Mothership, hi-poly Skaarj tech black/brown/beige/grey, bright green highlights
DespFallenCity-SM AS-FallenCity specific - charred vehicles, dropship, ammo crates modern-military/civvehicles burnt/rusty
DESP-MS Meshes that make the exterior of the Skaarj Mothership Skaarj MS dark, bright green highlights
DespTech-STA Lots of hi-poly walls/braces/grates/deco and the actual ship parts that make up DM-HyperBlast2 itself plus a right-side-up untextured version of the Sky City from AS-RobotFactory sci-fi/starship white/grey/beige
Desp-TelMecoMex Community Bonus Pack 2 Those lovely techmeshes from DM-TelMecoMex (some hi-poly) sci-fi industrial grey/white, blue highlights
DS-staticMeshes Submarine meshes from CTF-January Erm, a submarine grey, red
E_Pickups BR bombball and all health/armor/UDamage smeshes EXCEPT the Health Vial (?) non-weapon pickups animated blue/purple/gold

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Bob_The_Beheader: Hmm... wouldn't it be more useful if, instead of, for instance the AntalusStatic listing which says "Natural" for uses, it said "outdoors/lifts." I hope I'm making sense, but alot of the entries in the "Uses" column say things other then "uses." Am I confusing you? ;) Another way of putting my qualm with this is that "Natural" does not sound like a use to me...

Tarquin: I think by natural, they meant 'outdoors', but thought that some maps are set in the outdoors parts of a factory ;) but you can change it to 'outdoors' :)

Solitaire: Added some of the outstanding UT2003 packages, adding to the UT2004 collection slowly but please correct me if I add a custom package by mistake (have added the TelMecoMex pack anyway! =P

Baryonyx: The ball from danielsmeshes is actually not untextured but has a reference to a not included belt_fx package (from UT99 I think). If the ball is used, the maps are not playable due to the missing texture. Perhaps the package should be deleted from this list to prevent it from getting used and add the "editor" package instead? (which has a nice ball too)