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A Custom Brushbuilder available as part of the Tarquin Brushbuilders pack. This is intended as a replacement for the default Spiral Stair builder in UnrealEd. The default builder does not allow subtracted brushes. This new builder has all the options of the native builder and performs the functions of the Curved Stair builder too.


The height difference from one step to the next and the height that a player climbs for each step.
The height of each step block. This is usually greater than StepHeight. Setting the two to the same value will make a staircase where the steps only touch at an edge. If StepThickness is less than StepHeight, each step is totally seperate from its neighbors.
Width of the steps.
Distance from the center of curvature to the inner edge of the steps.
How many steps are calculated in one full circle. The formula is AnglePerStep * StepsPerCircle = 360 degrees.
The number of steps in the staircase. This can be larger than StepsPerCircle in some cases only. If you try something that isn't possible, the 'Bad Parameters' dialog box will explain the problem.
Otherwise known as counterclockwise.
Select whether you want sloped top, or regular top with steps, or a flat top. The flat option will make stairs like the CurvedStair builder, and will not allow more than a full circle. Note that a full circle, flat base brush, as with CurvedStair builder, will meet itself and two polys will touch; the subtracted brush will have a sheet effect between the first and last steps.
Same as above. Note in particular you can't have both set to flat; the code is complex enough without building cylinders too. You can't have both set to slope if StepThickness isn't strictly greater than StepHeight, since the brush would then have zero thickness throughout. The builder checks for these and other problems and explains them as you go.
Works the same as in the native brush builders.


This builder can make twisting halls that have floors or ceilings that are flat, slope or stair or any combination!


Perhaps some screenshots would convey all the possibilities this builder can do..