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The Tarquin Brushbuilder pack currently consists of 4 custom brushbuilders. A new version will be released eventually.



I'm releasing the sources of what was going to be version 200 – find it on FileWorks (I would, but BU is being sooooooooo slow today). It's been so long since I worked on this code, and I'm not sure I'll find the time to finish it since I don't do any mapping these days. There's quite a few new features, but also some things I didn't get round to finishing or fully implementing – so some parameters will have no effect. I'm happy for other people to work on the code if they think they can make sense of what I've done :)

SlickWilly has recompiled the scripts for UnrealEd 3: see below. Once I get UT2003 I'll work on a 200 release or something.

Tarquin Brushbuilders UnrealED 3 FAQ

added by SlickWilly

I have recompiled the basic brush builders for use in UnrealEd 3. Download the file below and follow the installation instructions below as the new docs haven't been updated yet.

  • Shutdown UnrealEd if running...
  • Unpack the TarquinBrushBuildersUED3.u into your UT2003\system folder
  • Unpack all the .BMP files into your UT2003\system\editorres folder
  • Open up the UT2003\system\UT2003.ini file in notepad
  • Scroll down to the section labeled [UnrealEd.UnrealEdEngine]
  • add this line to the end of the EditPackages entries:
  • Start UnrealEd3 up and you should now see the new brushbuilders on the left

UPDATE: Using UED3 in UT2004 Patch 3369, the UT2004.ini entries need to be under [Editor.EditorEngine], NOT under [UnrealEd.UnrealEdEngine] as explained here for UT2003. File download links have expired, I have made a zip available at http://electronictechservices.com/TarquinUED3.zip

Tarquin Brushbuilders FAQ

If you have any questions on the brushbuilders, please add them here.

Do these tools work with Rune / DeusEx / some other Unreal engine game? 
The brushbuilder plug-ins only work with UnrealEd 2. AFAIK, apart from UT most games that use the Unreal engine come with the old version of UnrealEd. So the answer is, until the relevant game companies upgrade their game editor, no.
I've installed the pack but there's no sign of the new tools in UnrealEd. 

Check that you've correctly installed the pack. Look in your UnrealTournament.ini file in your favourite text editor. You should find one of these lines depending on which pack you are using (do a search on "tarq"):

under the [UnrealEd.UnrealEdEngine] section. 

This should be under the [UnrealEd.UnrealEdEngine], and not [Editor.EditorEngine].

If you can't see the line that corresponds to the pack in the right place, quit UnrealEd, insert it and reload.

The UnrealEd toolbox has some extra icons but they are blank. 
Check that the .BMP files that came with the pack are in your UnrealTournament\system\editorres folder. The filenames are all of the form BBTarquin[name].BMP
Can you make a tool that can merge brushes / split polys / add vertices / make coffee / etc 

No. UnrealEd has a very nice plug-in architecture: when it loads, it looks at all the classes under Object >> BrushBuilder and puts an icon in the toolbox for each one. The built-in brushbuilder tools are made in the same way. All a brushbuilder can do is read the parameter list and built the red builder brush from scratch.

All I've done is write some new classes and put them in a package file that UnrealEd loads. I know very little about the inner workings of UnrealEd and AFAIK it may not be modified under the terms of the license.

UnrealEd won't load / crashes / etc. 
See previous answer. Then go read Crashing UnrealEd or Unreal Mapping FAQ.


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