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This is a list of all the texture packages on the original Unreal Tournament, version 400. Note: Do Not Alter Default Packages.

Texture Pack Theme and type (ex. gothic, water surfaces) Uses Dominant Hue
AlfaFX Lightning, energy barriers(fire textures) green, blue, purple
Ancient Ancient, temples (duh) temples
ArenaTex arena in UT's opening scene arenas green
Belt_fx Invisibility, Damage Amp, and Shield Belt effects
BluffFX Lightning ball Blue
BossSkins the skin of Xan (not a good wall texture ;)) skins green
castle1 Arch in brick, skyline tan
ChizraEFX Water, blue flame, blood
city UT opening scene city Urban maps, coronas
commandoskins more skins
Coret_FX glass and trim from CTF-Coret Glass, trim similar to Coret's gray, red, blue
Creative backwards Creative Logo Billboards White, dark cyan, orange
credits Never use textures from this package in your map, unless you are sure it will never be used in multiplayer games. Unfortunately the version shipped with the dedicated server has a different GUID which causes a "Version mismatch" error.
Crypt Crypt stuff chains
Crypt2 Crypt stuff (again) tombs Brown
Crypt_FX Crypt stuff (for lights) lights, walls for tombs
CTF Red and Blue team logos on various surfaces CTF levels
DacomaFem Skins for female commando body
DacomaSkins Skins for male commando body
DDayFX Smoke, Skyline, boxes Levels with D-day theme dark blue
DecayedS Walls, floors, computer displays, Laser grids, etc
Detail detail textures for other textures (e.g. metal, wood, stone, etc.), not really suited as wall textures. Can be used as modulated overlays, see Texture Effects only grayscale
DMeffects Manhole cover underwater
Egypt Good egyptian textures egyptian textures
EgyptPan Egyptian skyboxes skyboxs blue
eol Great Marble Textures
Faces Various faces chat display
FCommandoSkins Skins for Female Commando body
Female1Skins Skins for Unreal 1 female1 model
Female2Skins Skins for Unreal 1 female2 model
FireEng some good fire textures fire red
FlareFX good lense flares coronas
FractalFX lights, concrete, trap door, computer panels
GenEarth rock, ice, and grass textures outdoors/caves maps
GenFluid some good motionless water and starry night textures water/slime/lava/skybox background
GenFX wonderful coronas and good "texturepan" light effects skins Coronas
GenIn cloth, glass, crystal, colorful stained glass, copper metal
GenTerra mainly grass textures grass green
GenWarp textures for making your teleport look purdy ;) teleports
GothFem female Necris Skins
GothSkins male Necris Skins
GreatFire easy to guess ;) fire
GreatFire2 more greenish stuff
HubEffects Flames, water, lightning, lava, warp beacon
Indus1 Mountains, skyline, blood splats, brick walls, rusty metal
Indus2 Some Castle Walls,Pretty flooring, Windows,Night Sky textures Mixing with other castle textures Predominally purple and brown
Indus3 All the textures from the AS-HiSpeed map:Blurred rock textures,train textures, beds and blurred tree skyline. Great for trains/futuristic/industrial. Rock textures blend with GenEarth Yellow/Grey/Brown
Indus4 Animated Blades, quick way round making moving fans or propellors animated textures
Indus5 Skins from the Helicopter in AS-HiSpeed, Wooden Crates and Animated Computer Monitors Warehouse/Futuristic maps Wooden
Indus6 Wood, Sky, Sail Textures and Crazy Paving! Great for building your very own Galleon and/or Patio Brown/Red
Indus7 Computer Monitor Textures Animated Computer Screens Black
ISVFX More fire engine textures. Great for teleporters/Energy barriers Gold and Blue
JWSky it's the sky, duh skyboxes
LadderFonts Doesn't load properly in Ued, will display every texture pack in use in the current Ued session and shows the font textures somewhere in the middle. Appears to contain the green Unreal font plus a few others.
LadrArrow The animated rotating red arrow from the UT Single Player Ladder Elevator Button? Red
LadrStatic Animated TV Snow/Static Broken TVs/Monitors White
LavaFX hmm... a hard one lava textures
Lian-X Animated Lava (Including Animated Lava-Fall), Dirty Walls,Block Pave Floor and Warning Signs Mines/Industrial Grey/Blue/Orange
Liquids excellent moving water/slime textures liquids
Logo Animated Blue Fire and the UT Logo Branding, Teleporters/Energy Barriers Blue/Black/Gold
MenuGr Textures left over from Unreal 1 menu, green fire, Unreal Logo
Metalmys Dark Metal Panels, crates and more metal walls. Dirty looking industrial levels, with crates! Dark Brown/Grey
Mine A Complete texture set with grimy industrial theme, contains nice deco textures, including barrel textures, loads of guages/dials and two 256x256 Unreal "U"s :) Dirty industrial Brown,Metals,Grey,Subdued colours
NaliCast A Complete texture set for castle themed maps, very crisp detailed textures. Castles! Grey/Brown/Green
NaliFX Assorted Lava/Slime/Water textures plus a rather bizare "Pirates of Nali Land" texture featuring a Skarjj in a Pirate hat! Mixes well with NaliCast
NivenFX A grate and some nice animated water, one looks like molten metal Teleporters/Liquids
of1 Two textures, Brick and Pavement Mixes with City Textures Brown/Dark Grey
Old_FX Hay Bails, Animated Rotating Energy Vortex things and some Intricately decorated castle windows Hay Bails, Castles and Teleporters Grey/Gold/Green/Blue
Palettes Great palettes for custom flames palettes for flames
PhraelFx Two Blue Lantern Textures that would mix well with the Crypt2 texture pack and animated waterfall texture. Lights/Waterfall Blue/Turquoise
PlayrShp A complete texture pack in a newish looking technological theme. Mixes well with the Coret_fx textures for use in CTF Blue/Metal
Queen Complete pack, Dark and Moody organic spaceship textures, think of the Spaceship they discovered in the movie "Alien". Very HR Giger! Spooky organic looking spaceships Dark and moody
RainFX All the boat textures from AS-Frigate, some really nice detailed textures of table tops and beds.
Render The Default texture in Ued, looks like shingles. Grey Mud? Grey
RotatingU Animated spinning UT "U" Gold
Screenfonts For use with menus/hud don't use for a map.
Scripted For creating scrolling messages like those seen in DM-Morpheus Read ScriptedTexture_(UT)
ShaneChurch Stone walls, stained glass, wood textures used in DM-Gothic and the deathmatch tutorial dark grey
ShaneDay Masked Mountains, Lense Flare and Blue Sky Nice Mountainous skybox Blue/Black
ShaneSky Red Mountains, Various Moons, Stars and Red Cloud Red Mountainous skybox! Red/Black
Skaarj Complete Level texture pack, doors/trim/pillars/floors etc. included. Mean and dirty looking spaceship textures. (Texture Pack used in CTF-HallofGiants Moody looking industrial/spaceship levels. Brown/Grey/Black
SkTrooperSkins Skaarj Skytrooper skins left over from Unreal
SkyBox Masked Greeny-Brown mountains with some clouds, an orange moon and a ground texture designed to fit with the bottom on the mountains in the skybox. Skyboxes Greeny-Brown/Orange
SkyCity Complete Level texture pack, doors/trim/pillars/floors etc. included. Great Marble textures and decorative walls. Pretty looking castle/old buildings Blue/Brown/White
Slums ahh the grimy parts of the city modern textures
SpaceFX Textures featured in Face : Giant Earth Texture, Wormhole textures Teleporters/Skyboxes Various
Starship wonderful futuristic and alien textures (including the numbers one to four, signs for various rooms and computer displays) future textures
TCrystal Textures used on the Tarydium Crystal in AS-Mazon, Animated (wet texture) Blood splats,Water, Lava and wierd green waterly lines. All textures from Blood decoration, Lava, Force fields and Water Blue,Red,Green
Terranius Smoke and Funky Lazer Textures Energy Fields / Smoke fx Blue / Grey
TrenchesFX Concrete, Metal walls/floors. A big fan and some Blue Banners (As featured in AS-Overlord Urban Grey / Blue
UT A heap of Wall, Arch and Roof textures Castle Textures Grey / Brown / Red / Gold
UT_ArtFX Environment Maps, Bumpmaps and Phongs Shiney stuff Various
UTbase1 A few Textures from Mine Texture Package Brown
UTcrypt Archs, Floors and Lantern Textures Mixes well with Crypt2 textures Greys/Browns/Blues
UTtech1 Complete Level texture pack, doors/trim/pillars/floors etc. included. (Has some nice crates) Modern/Present day industrial maps Various
UTtech2 Complete Level texture pack, doors/trim/pillars/floors/Cliffy B etc. included. Mixes with UTtech1 Various
UTtech3 Jump-Pad,Posters,Lights and Cliffy B Mixing with UTtech1 and 2 Various
UWindowFonts Tahoma Font face for UT
XbpFX Planets, Masked Pipe textures, Nebula, Buttons and Smoke Space Skyboxes / Lifts Various
XFX Lots of funky fire engine textures. Teleporters / Energy Fields Various
Xtortion Brushed Aluminium Style Wall/Floor/Ceiling Textures with Blue and Red Team Colours Modern Grey/Blue/Red

In addition, some textures are embedded in .u files.

Editor don't use these in maps, Linux servers don't normally have them

Bonus Pack 1

Texture Pack Theme and type (ex. gothic, water surfaces) Uses Dominant Hue
Tcowmeshshinks Da ol' two-legged Nali Cow skins (not a good surface texture, trust me) green

Bonus Pack 3 (Inoxx)

Texture Pack Theme and type (ex. gothic, water surfaces) Uses Dominant Hue
Noxxpack Components of the crane seen in DM-Crane, lots of trim Decorating a crane or construction vehicle Orange
Xutfx Various technical masked textures Orange / Brown

Bonus Pack 4

Texture Pack Theme and type (ex. gothic, water surfaces) Uses Dominant Hue
Factory Various grates and a handful of dark gray concrete Moody industrial Dark brown / Dark gray
SGTech1 Lots of metal and concrete textures, masked grates Warehouses, near future sci-fi themes Brown / Gray

Other popular packs

  • richrig

By Colour

Pure Colours

  • White: UWindow.WhiteTexture
  • Black: UWindow.BlackTexture
  • Red: Botpack.Ammocount.AmmocountJunk
  • Green: Botpack.Ammocount.AmmocountBar


  • UTtech1.Pillar.ClfPilr1
  • UTtech1.Pillar.ClfPilr2
  • UTtech2.Base.rClfBsB2

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Bean: Maybe we should sort these by theme? or just list the texture package and describe what kind of texture reside within the package.

Tarquin, exiled by AOL I just started this because I couldn't find a base texture to go with the pillars from UTtech1. 3s from BufEd came up with the answer & I thought I'd make a note of it here. By theme & then by hue is good. Whatever's useful.

Bean: ok, sounds good.

Tarquin: This is tipped off my OS X install of UT. It's had Jailbreak applied, so some packs here might NOT be standard. I'll alphabetize it when I get back to Textpad, unless someone beats me to it :)

Tarquin: checked it against my PC CD. Removed the custom packs. :)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: That must have took ages to write these and checking them against the CD! ;)

Tarquin: hehe... I copy-pasted the directory listing from my Mac's terminal window, then ran a few replace commands in BBEditLite. Checking againgst the CD was just a matter of lining two windows up together & scanning them visually. :D Now if I were really l33t I'd have done it with a pipe command to output to file, then run it through sed or something to replace line breaks with wiki formatting... :)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: I don't have the Mac terminal Window, I have Windows. :P Could you please post a screenshot of the terminal window in my personal page on the Wiki (so I could find a Windows thing similar to the terminal window)?

Mychaeel: "DOS prompt" or "Command prompt." Or open the "Run" dialog and type "command" (Windows 95/98/ME) or "cmd" (Windows NT/2000/XP). There ya go.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: I knew what those were, but I wanted to know how to list them, so I went into the prompt and typed help then typed dir.

Tarquin: On DOS you want "dir > arf.txt", but it'll need a fair amount of cleaning up.

Mychaeel: Better "dir /b". Saves you a ton of cleaning up.

Evolution:: Think "dir /b" only works on cmd.exe versions Win2K and up (not 100% sure though)

ProjectX We really need to finish this table, at the moment it's not much help to anyone, oh and i dont seem to have starship.utx, did it come with jailbreak?

Birelli: starship.utx definitely did not come with Jailbreak, it's possible it was in one of the bonus packs (maybe it's used in CTF-Orbital? The only place I distinctly remember seeing it is CTF-Cybrosis][)

Tarquin: Starship.UTX is on my UT CD (original 400, not GOTY). This table is useful, in that one can use it to check if packs are nonstandard.

Birelli: I just confirmed that "dir/b" does work on Win98 (what I'm running), it's nice and clean

Wormbo: I can confirm, that /b works even in MS-DOS 5.0 :p

Dark-t I've added the bonus pack textures for anyone who's interested :)

Tarquin: Thanks Dark T. :D

ProjectX: Starship.utx did eiher come with UT or a bonus pack because most mods require the texture pack

Tarquin: It's on my original UT CD.

ProjectX: we need to fill some of these up, i've done as many as i can from memory but i need your help, as Homer said to marge when regarding the need for more fertiliser: "i'm only one man!"

Ike Bart: I added some descriptions to several empty boxes near the top. Having UnrealEd 2 open with the texture browser really comes in handy. I suggest that someone tries to fill up the boxes after the Indus set.

SabbathCat: Made it up to "R" trying to add as much useful info as possible, what's the deal with richRig? I've got richrig and richrigsmall, but I have no idea which bonus pack they came from. Is this just a list of the original UT Textures and the ones from the Bonus Pack?

SabbathCat: Okay, they all have some description now except for the skins, which I don't think are going to be much use to mappers. :)

Tarquin: Cool :)

Kyouryuu: Added details about the Bonus Pack 4 textures. :)

GTD-Carthage: Richrig is popular... and evilly secretive. :)