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This is the main page for anything about using textures (materials) and creating textures. Readers of this page are invited to:

  • rearrange what's here
  • suggest new page names
  • write new pages


Using Textures



Dynamic Textures

Tricked Textures

Specialized Textures

Texture Creation

Related Topics


Unknown: I have no idea where this should go, but:
I've just discovered that renaming a custom texture that's in use is fine: both the surfaces where it was applied and the actors that referenced it (Screen) updated too. (phew!)

Tarquin(?): (Big Cleanup tag removed by SuperApe) Textures are now called Materials. Topics On Materials and this page need to merge and become Material Topics. scratch that – everyone is still talking about "textures", right? How about Texturing for using them in maps, and Creating textures for the artsy stuff?

SuperApe: Materials and textures seem to be interchangable names. I think creating texures still qualifies as a topic on textures (materials). No need to separate the two. Pick one name (either Materials or Textures, most likely I'd say the one that came first in UT), then have a hub for "Topics on That". On that hub, branch of for both standard manipulation of textures and custom creation, as they seem to be very closely related.

Category:Legacy Mapping

Category:Legacy To Do – Merge info with Topics on Materials (may be renamed to Material Topics)