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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Inventory (UT) >> Weapon (UT) >> TournamentWeapon (Package: BotPack)

Abstraction for weapon classes specific to Unreal Tournament. Includes network-optimized code not present in Weapon (UT).


TournamentPickup Affector 
An item that receives a FireEffect call when the weapon is fired. The damage amplifier and the Relic of Strength use this to play their special firing sounds.
string WeaponDescription [localized] 
This is a localized string variable containing the weapon's description displayed in the weapon priority window.
float InstFlash, InstFog 
Values used for instant flash when firing.
bool bCanClientFire 
Whether the client should allow the player to fire or not.
bool bForceFire, bForceAltFire 
float FireTime, AltFireTime, FireStartTime 
Not used.

Known Subclasses

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