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UCEditor is a plugin for eclipse and is an IDE for UnrealScript.

Note: It's currently in an early stage of development.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed! Just send an email to jerome-x(at)users(dot)sourceforge(dot)net

Getting started with UCEditor:



  • An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Unreal Script
  • A plugin for eclipse
  • Open Source under the CPL License
  • (Almost) platform independend: based on Java

Download Location

You can download the latest version from http://uceditor.sourceforge.net

In order to use the plugin you need an installation of eclipse version 2.1 or above.

BuiltIn Features of eclipse

  • (Almost) platform independend: based on Java
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris, etc.
  • Fully manageable perspectives and view
  • Integrated CVS using pserver or ssh authentication
  • Integrated file comparison and merging abilities
  • ... and a lot more

Planned Features in Step 1

  • Creation of projects, packages and classes
  • Separate launch configurations
  • Global preferences, project settings, launch settings
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code assistant: Code completion
  • Automated build process
  • Debugging


  • Install the plugin by unzipping the contents into the eclipse plugin directory
  • Restart eclipse
  • Go to the preferences by clicking on Window –> Preferences
  • Select the UT2003 tab and fill in the text fields
  • Press OK
  • Create a new project by clicking on File -> New -> Project
  • Select UT2003 Project in the UT2003 tab
  • Fill in the information and dismiss the wizard
  • Optional: Edit the project settings by right clicking on the project folder and selecting the preferences and the UT2003 section
  • Add some UC files
  • Edit the project's ini file
  • To start the project you have to change the perspective:
  • Click on Window -> Open perspective and choose the Java perspective (works for us too :) )
  • Click on the little running man (the small arrow right beside him)
  • Select 'Run...'
  • Select the UT2003 category and click on 'New' or doubleclick
  • Fill in the required information and off we go!!

There are some good basic tutorials about eclipse in the eclipse help system.

Screenshot Version 1.1.3:



Wormbo: Sounds like this is going to become a nice tool for developers. I'm looking forward to this. :)

El Muerte TDS: I demand screenshots, can't find any screenshot about this eclipse.

Jerome-X: I'll make some soon in a few days and upload them to the site. Eclipse is rather functional in terms of look. I made an early alpha release which can be downloaded now, so you might want to have a look yourself

Jan:Many thanks Jerome. I also use Eclipse at work to writing Java applications...and now Unreal Script.

Eclipse...the best development environment ever.

Jeeptrash: Merge the eclipse page with this one? I can't imagine what page would be linked to eclipse instead of here, and theres really nothing on eclipse. Maybe just delete eclipse and have the links to the eclipse site be here.

Jerome-X: Sure, why not :)

Mosquito: Thanks Jerome, I didn't even know something like eclipse existed, and now that you have this, it's like having 2 birthdays in one! Again, thanks, and I look forward to more updates! 1 question though, when I create a new project, what is the ini file? Do I create my own?

Jerome-X: Thanks for your feedback :) About the ini file: At the moment (a1.1.3) you have to create your own ini file and in the UCEditor settings you have to give the location to that file. That'll probably change soon in the next versions so that it automatically creates, updates and maintains the ini file for you. At the moment you have to add a new package manually to the ini file, but this will be changed very soon as well.

Wormbo: Hmm, no progress in over a year? Will there be any new version at some point?

Jerome-X: Yes. I started working on it again with the help of two guys who did a great job so far! Status at the moment is that it's now working for eclipse 3.0 however we still need to iron out some details.

Wormbo: So... What's the status of UCEditor?

Kirk: OMG. You rule. I wanted one to exist, but I wasn't aware one actually existed. I'm not familiar with Eclipse's plugin development, but I'd love to check it out and help (I use it for practically everything else :D).

Domox: Any chance of kicking this off again? I may even fork it and go from there...