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A page to list suggestions for UnrealEd. Note that there is no guarantee than anyone from Epic will read it... :)

See also the UnrealEd Bug List.

Movement and brush handling improvements

  • These features would greatly extend the ease of brush handling
    • Brush nudge feature - you should be able to nudge brushes using the keyboard - would be a great help in good alignment.
    • Ability to restrict brush movement in X/Y/Z axes and on the XY/YZ/XZ planes
    • Real-time Movement mode inside the editor, instead of having to drag the mouse around.
    • A guide sort-of feature, as in Photoshop

A more efficient way to convert ”BSP” into a “Static Mesh”

The current one does not weld the vertices, this means a normal box that should only have eight vertices, ends up with twenty-four, when converted in the editor.

How hard would it be to program it, so vertices with matching coordinates on the same face would be joined?

Even better, would be if it just welded all vertices, and then in a new mesh “editor” window the user retextured, smoothed and optimized the mesh for them self.

  • Suggestion for a few simple commands for the mesh editor...
    • Delete selected poly
    • Assign selected polygons to a smoothing group
    • Assign texture to selected polygons
    • Align textures on selected polygons
    • Pan texture
    • Scale texture

Some sort of lightmapping for static meshes.

Would be very nice, I know you can do it with lightbaking in 3DSM or whatever, but with this feature in the ed would mean that you wouldn't have to set up lights in 3DSM etc. Obvoiusly shouldn't be overused cuz that would use up tons of texture memory. (Also useful for those of us that don't have 3DSM 5 :)

SM touching up tool

To smooth edges/make them sharper in Ed. Also, same thing for skins: Smooth/sharpen and lighten/darken.

Movers but not SMs

Any way to see movers but not static meshes?

Floating Panels

would be great if i could undock the viewports and move them where ever on my desktop. i have a 2 monitor layout for video editing, why not map editing? i would at least like to see a 1x3 split of the view ports, again i have the screen space and the ability to span the desktop, give me some way of utilizing the whole thing.

EricBlade: You can maximize UEd across both monitors, and simulate that, though it takes some manual window adjusting. In UEd for ut04 and land of the dead, I put the browser windows on the second monitor, and keep the main window on the center. I do have three, though, but putting any part of UED on the left-hand monitor, which is run by an ancient ATI Rage video card, is unsuccessful. In UE3, however, I am able to maximize my Editor view across the two Radeon driven monitors, putting the 2D viewports on the right monitor, and hte 3D viewport on the middle, and the Browsers will sit on the left-hand monitor, without screwing up the rest of the editor and Windows itself, unlike UT04/Lotd.

DawnTreader: I agree that it is possible to get more screen space in UE3, i even ran it with the program max to desktop for more space. but i would like to have all four views available when i make the perspective viewport 1/2 of my screen. all the programs i use where i have control over the interface, adobe after effects, photoshop and the like, i maximize the most important panels as much as I can. in AE it is the timeline and the viewport for the composition, the timeline is on the lower 1/2 on my 22inch wide and the viewport is on my 19 maxed to the screen size. i would just like to have more control over the interface. i think turning the viewports into floating panels would do that.