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Developer(s) Epic Games
Publisher Midway
Release Date November 19, 2007
Supported Platform(s) Windows
PlayStation 3
XBox 360
Official Web Site http://unrealtournament3.com/
Demo Beta Demo
Latest Patch 1.1
Unreal Engine Version [[Unreal_Engine_3 Unreal Engine 3.0]]
UnrealEd Version [[UnrealEd Versions UnrealEd 4]]


Unreal Tournament 3 (previously codenamed 'Envy', then 'UT2007') is Epic Games' sequel to Unreal Tournament 2004. Published by Midway Games, UT3 is powered by Epic's new Unreal Engine 3.0, and has been released on PC and PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version is due out sometime in 2008. Download the GC2005 UT2007 Presentation.


Known Gametypes

  • Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • Vehicle CTF
  • Warfare (Onslaught meets Assault)

Known Weapons

Bio Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Flak Cannon, Redeemer, Link Gun, Shock Rifle, AVRiL, Sniper Rifle, Dual Enforcers, Impact Hammer, Stinger, Canister Gun and Target Painter

Known Vehicles


  • Cicada
  • Goliath
  • Hellbender II
  • Leviathan
    • Role: Mobile Weapons Platform
    • Concept | In-game
    • The 4 turrets will include shields (a la the Paladin alt-fire).
    • Each turret fires a specific projectile type: shock balls, shock beams, (heatseeking?) rockets, and machinegun (gatling)
  • Manta
  • Paladin
  • Raptor
    • Role: Air Superiority (dogfighter)
    • Concept
  • Scorpion
    • Concept | In-game
    • Will have a machinegun instead of the web gun.
    • Will include a ramming-eject attack.
  • SPMA
    • Role: Remote Bombardment Cannon


  • Darkwalker
    • Role: Main Battle Tank
    • Concept | In-game
    • Can crouch and step onto/over low buildings, etc.
  • Viper
    • Role: Quick Strike Ground-Skimmer
    • Concept
    • Can glide for extended distances.
  • Nemesis
    • Role: Mobile Energy Turret
  • Fury
  • Stealthbender


  • Plans for 30 to 40 maps in the retail version
  • From the in-game videos/screenshots it seems some UT2004 maps are making a comeback (ONS-Torlan)

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Geist: Note that the "Roles" listed for the vehicles are not official, but this is what has been gathered so far. Of course, if anyone has better terminology, please adjust them! Also, I expect that as we get more and more info about the weapons and vehicles (esp. after demo and/or game launch), there may be reason to put this info in a better format in a subpage? Of course, once the game is out, the info doesn't serve much purpose here (since it will be on several other sites anyway), but it could still merit a place here from a modding standpoint!

UArch: in response to reverting the edit i made earlier: the canister gun is old news, the bio rifle is now a standalone weapon not part of the canister gun, its clearly visible in the new trailer here: http://uk.media.xbox360.ign.com/media/746/746631/vids_1.html and theres also a concept art picture here: http://uk.media.xbox360.ign.com/media/746/746631/img_4283827.html

Tgusagalpa: Is it not coming out for Mac?

Wormbo: No official word about Mac yet, but the same was true for Xbox 360 until a few days ago. Try asking in the Epic Forums.

neilthecellist: Ok, judging from the demo, the hoverboard is available to both teams, but shouldn't it be mentioned somewhere on the page? Not that it's important... Oh, and, will there be any regulation on wiki disorganization for Unreal Tournament 3?

Ambershee: The hoverboard is available to all players. In fact, I wrote a mutator to include it in any game mode months ago :)

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