Legacy:Weird Projector Effects

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The Alternative uses of projectors and particles:

Teleport markers:

Using a fairly simple technique you can make a stunning teleport marker using projectors and particles. This tutorial is intended for the intermediate to the advanced user who already has a clear knowledge of Projectors and Particles and how to use both together.

First set up your teleport and configure its properties accordingly. Then, in the game itself take a screenshot of the destination area, making sure to first type showhud in the console. This command removes the “press fire to enter” message. Then position yourself and press F9. This command stores a screenshot in you Ut2003/system directory. You will then need to open the image in an image editing program I suggest photoshop or paint shop pro. Then change the image size to 512*512 and save as a bitmap. Here is the image I used:

Legacy ProjectorTrick1.jpeg

Then open up your level, place a projector over the teleport and set all its projecting properties to false except for actors and particles. Set the projector’s texture to the picture you just took (you’ll have to import it first). Then add a sprite emitter exactly where the teleport is, set it to produce 1 particle exactly where it was and for its life to be 8, its fade in to end on 4 and its fade out to start on 4 and end on 8. Then in the render properties select bacceptsprojectors and change it to true. Choose a smoke texture for the emitter, rebuild and save. Then test your map. You should be finished, and you should see something like this:

Legacy projectortrick2.jpeg

You can add more to the effect by adding an emitter that generates floating coronas and you can increase the brightness of the projector in its properties.