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About Me

My nick name "Wormbo" is derived from the game Worms Armageddon where I have a team of worms with names like Wormbo, Atwormizer, Worminator, Cyworm, etc. (hey, I don't spend too much time inventing names ;))

Home page 
IRC channels 
I can usually be found in the following IRC channels, at least on weekends:
#beyondunreal, #fragbu, #unrealed, #unrealscript, #utjb and (of course) #unrealwiki
#utzone (German channel), #unrealadmin and #utan

I code in UnrealScript for several years now and am a dedicated Wiki contributor for a long time, too.

My creations include Anti TCC for UT200x and the EnhancedItems package for UT. It contains some base classes for pickups, mutators, weapons, projectiles and other things probably interesting for mod authors. I also contributed some work for Chaos UT, the BuF Bonus Pack and for Jailbreak 200x.

My Stuff

For The Wiki

  • Fear my Legacy:Wormbo/Rants about "l33t" language in forums, IRC, etc. and crappy hacks in UT and UT2k3. :D
  • I contributed some functions to the wUtils package. Blame me if they don't work. :P The source code of my contributions is available at Legacy:Wormbo/WUtils.
  • The mIRC script for [[Legacy:Wiki-Style Links|wiki-style links]] at Wiki Integration/IRC Scripts is mostly my work.
  • Lots and lots of additions and changes to wiki pages, use Recent Changes if you want to find them. :)

Mods for UT3

Under Development

"One mod to rule them all." – UT3 Jailbreak will be Bigger And Better™. ;) See PlanetJailbreak.com

Mods For UT2004

You can get them from my UT2004 download section.

Some Finished Mods

Multi Dodging 
This mutator is a port of the UT2003 version, but also works in network games.
Unlagged InstaGib 2k4 
Modifies the InstaGib shockrifle to compensate ping serversidely to create that LAN feeling (maybe even better than that) even with higher ping.
UT2003 Ion Cannon 
Re-enables the visibly ion cannon satellite and requires you to aim at a location the satellite has a line of sight to.
New Ion Cannon 
Different visuals for the Ion Cannon blast. Everything caught in the beam is damaged, not only the stuff on the ground, but also high in the air.
Wormbot IRC Reporter 
This mutator sends ingame events to an IRC channel and allows the users in the channel and the players on the server to see eachother's chat messages.

Under Development

Mercury Missiles 2 
The successor of Mercury Missile InstaGib. Mercury Missiles 2 comes with five different mutators: InstaGib mode, regular Arena mode, WildFire Arena mode, replace rocket launcher and replace sniper rifle and lightning gun.

Development Halted

I won't continue these mods, don't ask.

Anti TCC 
An anti cheat mutator. It detects certain bug exploits, modified UT2004 files, unknown client-side objects and aimbots.
Basically a collection of useful features for a UT2004 server. UTPlus was supposed to become a replacement for UTComp with its own bright skins, hit sounds, webadmin extensions, voting, etc.

Mods For UT2003

You can get them from my UT2003 download section.

Finished Mods

Anti TCC 
An anti cheat mutator similar to UTSecure. It detects SET command tweaks (the so-called temporary console commands or TCC), some bug exploits, modified UT2003 files and zoom cheats.
Mercury Missile InstaGib 
The Mercury InstaGib mode from Rockets UT returns. This mod has been submitted to the Make Something Unreal Contest and I received lots of good user feedback as well as a score of 8.5 points at Mod Squad. Mercury Missile InstaGib @ modDB topmods listing
The MultiPickupBase is part of Chaos UT 2, but is available as standalone package with an example mutator for coders and a short description for mappers. It's basically the WildcardBase, but much better. ;)
Who Pushed Me 2k3 
If you're responsible for an opponent's suicide you'll get the kill. Who Pushed Me 2k3 @ modDB topmods listing

Development Halted

These are quite unlikely to be continued and might be moved to the Spare Parts section at some point.

Automatic Turrets 
Like those in UT Assault maps.
A mod meant for tournaments as an alternative to pakman's TTM.
Trickjump Tools 
Just a collection of mutators that should either bring some Defrag feeling to UT2k3 or at least bring even more action into the game than there already is. Currently I have Multi Dodging, the Jump Stats mutator from the Movement Metrics (UT2003) page, Player Trails and a damage and momentum scaling mutator. Some screenshots are available already.

Mods for UT

(mostly based on EnhancedItems)

You can get them from my UT download section.

Finished Mods

Arena Match 
Play any weapon you want in an arena game and change various aspects like damage scaling, movement speed, health or gravity. Arena Match @ modDB topmods listing
Combo InstaGib 
InstaGib with team colors and combos, even chain reactions can be enabled. Combo InstaGib @ modDB topmods listing
Enhanced Items Mod and Enhanced Relics 
Adds more detailed death messages and changes various other small things of UT's weapons, items and relics. (This is the origin of the EnhancedItems package.)
Flag Mutator CTF 
Two CTF games (regular CTF and One Flag CTF) which can use the Flag Effects mutator by David 'Uncommon' Catmull. (http://www.uncommonplace.com/games)
JB Transloc 
Always allows or disallows the Translocator in UT Jailbreak games.
JB WrongJail 
You think you can camp inside the enemy jail? Think again. :p
Long Range Target Identification 
Displays a player's name when you look him, even if he's far away.
Mod Menu Extension 
Useful when the mod menu gets too long to fit on the screen. Also provides a fix for the player setup window.
No Jail Kill 
A mutator that prevents jailed players from killing free players in Jailbreak.
Quake 3 Tournament 
Powerups from Q3A and Q3:TA.
Redeemer 2k4 
Brings the UT2004 redeemer's visual effects to UT. Redeemer 2k4 also comes with the Vengeance 2k4 mutator which replaces the Relic of Vengeance's explosion with the UT2004 Redeemer explosion.
Relics Patch 
Tries to fix the incompatibility of the RelicHUDMutator with any other HUD mutators.
Team Beacons 2k4 
Adds team beacons like those in UT2004.
Unreal XP 
A GUI skin for UT.
Weapon Priority 
A window that allows you to change the auto-select priority of all weapons including those from mods like Chaos UT or Rockets UT.
Who Pushed Me? 
If you're responsible for an opponent's suicide you'll get the kill.

Development Halted

GUI Extensions 
This will combine the Mod Menu Extension, Unreal XP, Weapon Priority and some bug fixes for those GUI mods.
Rockets UT 
UT with rockets. Lots of rockets! :) (New version under development.)
This one will feature stuff you might already know from UT2k3 (visual damage amplifier effect for the weapon, "better-than-UT2k3" per-projectile damage types, etc.), but the redeemer explosion actually is the only thing I took from that game. Rockets UT makes extensive use of EnhancedItems to achive those effects. Rockets UT @ modDB topmods listing

Spare Parts

These little things will probably never get released, but they might be useful in other mods. Drop me a line if you want the source or visit the Spare Parts page on my homepage, some of them are downloadable from there. Either way, watch out for confusingly stuffed and suboptimal code. :)


Missile Cam 
A mutator that adds a cam view to rockets (also redeemer) and Translocator target. (Think Rockets UT Missile Cam.)
Reason for being dropped: Only works for Windows users that play in Direct 3D mode. Canvas.DrawPortal is broken in OpenGL for both Windows and Linux version.
No Shock Combo 
A mutator that disables the shock combo. A good example for minimal effort with maximum effect because it's only the mutator (Never officially released. Made by request for Nitroduck.) Forum thread with dowload link
Reversed CTF 
CTF the other way around.
This version comes without bot support and it won't be added by me.


An unfinished but basically working flame thrower.
HighGrav mutator 
Play all maps with normal gravity. (never released, it was only a test)
Hold Rockets 
Disables the automatic firing after six rockets/grenades have been loaded into the rocket launcher. (never released to the public, made by request for Nemephosis)
Marble Gun 
A spammy weapon that fires steel marbles. :)
A mutator that adds announcements for events like flag drop, flag assist (requires a FlagMutator compatible game type like Uncommon's Apprehension or my One Flag CTF), player taking/loosing the lead, team taking/loosing the lead, etc.
Snowball Gun 
Well, what does it sound like? :) (never released to the public, made by request for Snowdog)
Teleporter Escape 
A translocator that can be linked to a teleporter. This link stays active even if the player dies and respawns. Activating the translocator is like touching the teleporter.
Projectiles can go through teleporters. Imagine a redeemer missile coming through the teleporter you just wanted to use... :D (never released, it was only a test)
Wizzard UT 
A magic based addition for UT gameplay. Spell pickups spawn on the map and have either positive effects on the player or the player's team or they have negative effects on the player's opponents.
This mutator basically was a testing environment for the EnhancedItems package, but despite looking kinda crappy it sure was fun to curse enemies e.g. with "Dim Vision", to see them walk much slowed due to the "Holy Freeze" aura or to "redeem" their gibs to gain health. :D


See Legacy:Wormbo/Guestbook