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Welcome to the Unreal Wiki. This site's goal is to provide comprehensive documentation of the Unreal Editor, UnrealScript and all technical aspects of the Unreal Engine.

If you came here as a player and are looking for details about the Unreal series of games, head over to BeyondUnreal's Liandri Archives. If you are a server administrator looking for information about running servers for Unreal series games, try the Unreal Admin Wiki instead.


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The following IRC channels may be additional places of interest to get further help. Bring some patience, because despite being a real-time medium, communication over IRC may be slower than you may be used to from instant messengers.

As you may notice, there are still a lot of red links, even here on the main page. This is a side effect of our switch to the MediaWiki engine and we need your help to get up to speed again.

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