UE2:Actor Class Hierarchy (UT2004)

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This is the class tree extending from Actor in UT2004. For a class tree of the GUI components see GUI Class Hierarchy.

Adding new class pages

Any UT2003 class page should begin with the text:

Begin with infobox template
The classbox template is only supposed to be used by the converted content imported into the Legacy: namespace. Consider adding descriptions to existing class pages instead.
Update how to make new page, basic proceedure link?

If you want to add information on a UT2003 class:

  • Put a link here to the class you want to describe.
  • If the link is taken by a Unreal Tournament class then, in that class:
  • # Put a link to "{classname} (UT)", substituting the current classname
  • # Move all the text from the page to this new page.
  • # Change the box at the top of the UT class to start with "UT ::" for clarity.

Use the Class Wikifier to create the basics of a wiki page from an UnrealScript class.

Class Tree

You won't see all of these classes in the Actor Classes Browser unless you uncheck "Placeable Classes Only". And then you'll also only see the classes of the packages which are loaded. You can manually load *.u packages to add them to the class heirarchy.


Not anymore, all class pages contain class info only.
  • ">>" means that class' subtree is expanded on the class page.

+Actor ++AimedAttachment ++Brush +++Volume ++Controller +++AIController ++++ScriptedController +++++Bot ++++++xBot +++PlayerController ++++Camera ++++MessagingSpectator +++++DemoRecSpectator +++++UTServerAdminSpectator ++++UnrealPlayer +++++CinematicPlayer +++++xPlayer ++DamageType >> ++Effects ++Emitter +++NetworkEmitter ++Gib ++HUD >> ++Info +++Combo +++FluidSurfaceInfo +++GameInfo ++++CinematicGame ++++UnrealMPGameInfo +++++DeathMatch ++++++TeamGame +++++++CTFGame ++++++++xCTFGame +++++++xBombingRun +++++++xDoubleDom +++++++xTeamGame ++++++++ASGameInfo ++++++++Invasion ++++++++ONSOnslaughtGame +++++++xDeathMatch ++++++++BossDM +++Mutator ++Inventory +++Ammunition ++++BallAmmo ++++BioAmmo ++++FlakAmmo ++++GrenadeAmmo ++++LinkAmmo ++++MinigunAmmo ++++RedeemerAmmo ++++RocketAmmo ++++ShieldAmmo ++++ShockAmmo ++++SuperShockAmmo ++++SniperAmmo ++++TransAmmo +++KeyInventory +++Powerups ++++Armor +++Weapon ++++AssaultRifle ++++BallLauncher ++++BioRifle ++++FlakCannon ++++LinkGun ++++Minigun ++++Painter ++++Redeemer ++++RocketLauncher ++++ShieldGun ++++ShockRifle +++++SuperShockRifle ++++++ZoomSuperShockRifle ++++SniperRifle ++++TransLauncher ++InventoryAttachment +++WeaponAttachment ++KActor +++KConstraint ++++KBSJoint ++++KCarWheelJoint ++++KConeLimit ++++KHinge +++KTire ++++BulldogTire ++Keypoint +++AIScript ++++ScriptedSequence +++++ScriptedTrigger +++++UnrealScriptedSequence ++AmbientSound ++Light >> ++MeshEffect ++NavigationPoint >> ++NetworkTrigger ++Pawn +++RedeemerWarhead +++Scout +++UnrealPawn ++++xIntroPawn ++++xPawn +++++Monster +++Vehicle ++++ASVehicle +++++ASTurret ++++++ASTurret_BallTurret ++++++ASTurret_IonCannon ++++++ASTurret_LinkTurret ++++++ASTurret_Minigun +++++ASVehicle_Sentinel ++++++ASVehicle_Sentinel_Ceiling ++++++ASVehicle_Sentinel_Floor +++++ASVehicle_SpaceFighter ++++++ASVehicle_SpaceFighter_Human +++++++ASVehicle_SpaceFighter_Skaarj ++++KVehicle +++++KCar ++++++Bulldog ++++ONSWeaponPawn +++++ONSArtillerySideGunPawn +++++ONSDualACGatlingGunPawn +++++ONSMASSideGunPawn +++++ONSPRVRearGunPawn +++++ONSPRVSideGunPawn +++++ONSStationaryWeaponPawn ++++++ONSManualGunPawn +++++ONSTankSecondaryTurretPawn ++++++ONSTankSecondaryTurretPawn_IonPlasma ++++SVehicle +++++ONSVehicle ++++++ONSChopperCraft +++++++ONSAttackCraft ++++++++ONSDualAttackCraft (UT2004 Bonus Pack) ++++++ONSHoverCraft +++++++ONSHoverBike ++++++ONSPlaneCraft +++++++ONSBomber ++++++ONSTreadCraft +++++++ONSHoverTank +++++++ONSHoverTank_IonPlasma ++++++ONSWheeledCraft +++++++ONSArtillery (UT2004 Bonus Pack) +++++++ONSGenericSD +++++++ONSMobileAssaultStation +++++++ONSPRV +++++++ONSRV +++++++ONSShockTank (UT2004 Bonus Pack) ++Pickup +++Ammo ++++UTAmmoPickup +++++AssaultAmmoPickup +++++BioAmmoPickup +++++FlakAmmoPickup +++++LinkAmmoPickup +++++MinigunAmmoPickup +++++RocketAmmoPickup +++++ShockAmmoPickup +++++SniperAmmoPickup ++++ArmorPickup ++++KeyPickup ++++TournamentPickup +++++AdrenalinePickup +++++ShieldPickup ++++++ShieldPack +++++TournamentHealth ++++++HealthPack ++++++MiniHealthPack +++++UDamagePack +++++WeaponPickup ++Projectile (not expanded) ++Projector +++DynamicProjector ++++BulldogHeadlight +++ShadowProjector +++XScorch (not expanded) ++Triggers >> ++Vignette ++xEmitter +++ShockBeamEffect ++++SuperShockBeamEffect +++++BlueSuperShockBeam ++xPickUpBase +++HealthCharger +++ShieldCharger +++SuperHealthCharger +++SuperShieldCharger +++UDamageCharger +++WildcardBase +++xWeaponBase ++xProcMesh ++xWeatherEffect