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UT2004 Object >> Actor >> AntiPortalActor

Similar to Volumes, AntiPortalActors are brush-like actors. Unlike brushes, whose surfaces can only be flagged as individual anti portals, an AntiPortalActor's entire shape is a single anti portal. Another advantage of AntiPortalActors over anti portal surfaces is that they can be toggled dynamically at runtime, either through triggering or directly by a Mover.

While technically an AntiPortalActor is no brush, it is still created in a similar way:

  1. Create the desired shape with a brush builder or the 2D shape editor. An important restriction for the shape of an AntiPortalActor is that it must be convex, i.e. lines connecting any two vertices of the shape may never leave the shape. This also implies that the shape must not contain any holes. Additionally, the shape should be kept as simple as reasonably possible. Too complex shapes eat up the performance gain from occluding actors again.
  2. Move the red builder brush to where you want to place the anti portal.
  3. UnrealEd-Toolbox-AddAntiPortal.png Hit the button "Add Antiportal" in the toolbox.

The AntiPortalActor will show up as a brown wireframe even in textured view modes, bright orange if selected. In real-time preview mode, AntiPortalActors are not displayed. Instead they perform their regular render occlusion tasks, which can be seen especially in real-time wireframe view.

Default values

Property Value
bEdShouldSnap True
bNoDelete True
DrawType DT_AntiPortal
RemoteRole ROLE_None


If you want to toggle the anti portal through triggering, you need to select one of these states as the AntiPortalActor's InitialState.


Triggering disables the anti portal, untriggering enables it.


simulated event Trigger (Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator)

Overrides: Actor.Trigger (global)


simulated event UnTrigger (Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator)

Overrides: Actor.UnTrigger (global)


Triggering toggles the anti portal.


simulated event Trigger (Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator)

Overrides: Actor.Trigger (global)