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A InfoPod(no matching games found) is an actor that can display floating text at its own location, it is mainly used by Assault L.D.s(Level Designers) to mention who has made the map.

The InfoPod is located at Actor->Keypoint->InfoPod. It is also only valid in the gametype Assault of Unreal Tournament 2004.

The InfoPod provides as well a lot properties for L.D.s to tell the InfoPod and the HUD_Assault(no matching games found) how it should be rendered in the world and who can and can't see the text of the InfoPod.

This tutorial will explain what the most important properties of this InfoPod do.


See InfoPod(no matching games found) for all properties, this section will only mention those that are valid for L.D.s.

Property: Team

Specify the team that may see this InfoPod, by default any team can see this InfoPod.

Property: InfoType

Specify the render method for this InfoPod e.g. EIPT.PlainText is the default one and means to only render text, EIPT_TextBrackets will make the InfoPod draw an additional box surrounding itself and EIPT_Texture will make the InfoPod draw as well a texture.

Property: InfoEffect

Specify the render effect for this InfoPod e.g. EIPE_Blink will make the text and/or texture blink(off/on).

Property: bDisabled

Specify whether the InfoPod should be disabled i.e. if true the InfoPod will no longer render anything, the InfoPod needs to be triggered to be enabled.

Property: POD_Message

Specify the text this InfoPod should draw, this text can also be localized by making an localization file for your map.