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This is a combined, public task list for all wiki editors. It lists a wide range of specific projects that editors have identified as needing to be done. For more general ideas about what to do, see Project:Helping out.

All editors are welcome to add ideas or work on any idea listed here. Any task that is not crossed out is available for anyone to tackle. To propose new tasks to be added to this list, just post on the talk page.

In many cases, the task descriptions are pretty brief. If you'd like more information on any task, just ask on the help page. And don't worry, asking about a task doesn't mean you have to do it!


Getting started with content

Note: Don't just copy pages from the "Legacy:" namespace. Make them better by rewriting them in you own words, restructuring them or even approaching the topic from a different point of view.

  • Establish a good topic structure - the old Unreal Wiki seriously lacked in this department


  • Explain UnrealEd features
  • Write mapping guides, both general and gametype-specific
  • Write specific tutorials


  • Describe UnrealScript language features
  • Expand class pages with proper class member descriptions
  • Write specific tutorials


  • Write tutorials

UDK documentation

  • Document the new content browser of UDK's Unreal Editor
  • Write or import (only with permission!) tutorials
  • Expand class pages with proper class member descriptions