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by Crusha K. Rool

UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Triggers >> EventGate >> NodeEventDirector (custom)

This actor receives the three Events of an ONSPowerNode and interprets the current state of the node from these informations. The actor can then fire Trigger- or UnTrigger-Events when the state of the Node changes.


Certain requirements exist in order to get this actor to work properly. You manually need to enter three different and map-unique Event names in the following fields of the target ONSPowerCore (or subclass):





Property group 'Events'


Type: name

The default Tag will automatically be associated with the DestroyedEventName of the target ONSPowerCore at runtime, so it has no use to set something here because it will always be overridden.

Two hidden name variables will do the same for the Red and BlueActivationEventName.


Type: name

This Event will be triggered if the Node is being captured by the correct team. Otherwise it will untrigger the Event. The first result is already delivered right at the beginning of the match.

Property group 'NodeEventDirector'


Type: class<ONSPowerCore>

Modifiers: EdFindable

Select the target objective in the editor that shall be observed.


Type: byte

Which team shall build the node so that the condition is true and the Event triggered?

0 = Red; 1 = Blue; 255 = None


Switch the Red and Blue Tag to match swapped team colours in ONS if required.