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BestTimes is a mutator that records the best map time completions set by players for every trial map, each record gives several points depending on the amount of people that managed to complete the map and the time set by them compared to yours. The top 25(default) players are decided by the amount of points they have earned and can be viewed in the scoreboard(F12) with additional stats. BestTimes supports plenty of trial modes such as Solo, Group, Regular and all optional sub modes such as OpenTrial, ShieldGun TrickJumping, Keys Collector etc.

A website version of the scoreboard is available at EliteTrial which is updated every time a new record is set.




Solo(since V2.78) is a mode where players are independent of other players meaning you have to complete the whole map on your own and anyone can try complete the map at the same time, the goal is to achieve the best time on that map or manage to complete the map(if hard). This is similar to the Time Attack mode in the game Trackmania or BunnyTrack in Unreal Tournament.

What makes it solo? 
Every solo map is filtered with the solo tag which is Solo e.g. AS-Solo-MAPNAME. Whether a map is solo is decided by the amount of objectives placed within the map, not by the solo tag, if the map has one objective only then it is considered a solo map, even if the map doesn't have the solo tag in its name.
Difference ? 
The difference in a Solo map from Regular is that you are not dependent on other players this means you have to complete the map all alone, whether someone else does isn't gonna effect your gameplay(unless someone beats the top 1 record time). There are no levels because there is only one objective meaning that every time you die you have to redo everything from the spawn up to the objective location this also means that your timer will restart over again so that you don't have to revote the map to try again.
Just like on every map there's a scoreboard(F12) which displays the best players of the server, now with solo there is a second page available(F12 again) that displays the top 25(default) time records on the currently being played map, this displays the Rank, PlayerName, Points, Time and Date.
Objective completed 
Originally when the objective is completed the objective is disabled and then ends the map however in solo the objective remains enabled and the player is killed after he gets his record time set but if the record time is the best then the map will end.
Making your map support solo mode 
This is simple, it's as easy as making a map for Regular trials except you must have only one objective in the map and add Solo in your mapname e.g. AS-Solo-MapName.


Main article: User:Eliot/TrialGroup

Group(since V2.98) is an extended mode of Solo except it is not like solo. In group players must make a group with the command JoinGroup <GroupName> that others then can join if they want to team up with you, a max group size is set by the mapper and a group must be full in order to be able to complete the map. In group maps players are usually forced to sync certain jumps to pass a room or stand on buttons with your whole group to open certain doors and especially reach a room within a specified time with your whole and eventually reach the objective with your whole group to complete the map.

Making your map support group mode 
There are several tutorials made by Billa on how to create a group map.
Additionally you must add Group to your mapname e.g. AS-Group-MapName.
So far a few maps have been made for Group.


Since new modes have become popular there must be a new name for the older trials(normal assault trials) which we call Regular trials.

Console Commands

BTCommands - ???.

DeleteClientSpawn - ???.

FastSuicide - This is a macro to the console command Mutate Suicide.

GhostFollow - Makes the ghost follow the specified players this means whenever the specified player dies then the ghost will replay from the start so that the player can attempt to beat the ghost.

Note: This command can only be used by admins and players who have completed 15000 objectives on the server.
  1. string PlayerName - The name of the player the ghost should follow, specifying no name will make the ghost follow nobody.

GhostFollowID - ???.

  1. int PlayerID - ???.

PauseTimer - ???.

Race - ???.

  1. string PlayerName - ???.

RecentHistory - ???.

RecentMaps - ???.

RecentRecords - ???.

RevoteMap - ???.

SetClientSpawn - ???.

SetConfigProperty - ???.

  1. string Property - ???.
  2. string Value - ???.

SetFontSize - ???.

  1. int NewSize - ???.

SetTableColor - ???.

  1. optional Core.Object.Color TC - ???.

SetTableOffset - ???.

  1. float newOffset - ???.

SetTextColor - ???.

  1. optional Core.Object.Color TC - ???.

SetTrailerColor - ???.

  1. string CmdLine - ???.

SetTrailerTexture - ???.

  1. string CmdLine - ???.

SetYOffsetScale - ???.

  1. float NewScale - ???.

ShowBadRecords - ???.

ShowBestTimes - ???.

ShowMapInfo - ???.

  1. string MapName - ???.

ShowMissingRecords - ???.

ShowPlayerInfo - ???.

  1. string PlayerName - ???.

ShowZoneActors - ???.

SpeedRun - ???.

StartTimer - ???.

StopTimer - ???.

SwitchPage - ???.

ToggleColorFade - ???.

ToggleGhost - ???.

TogglePersonalTimer - ???.

ToggleRanking - ???.

TrailerMenu - ???.

UpdateToggleKey - ???.

VoteMap - ???.

  1. string PartInMapName - ???.

VoteMapSeq - ???.

  1. int Sequence - ???.


BestTimes is a private mutator however early versions are available for download.

Latest Version