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I don't play much UT online these days. If I do, I'm usually getting owned badly on the TAM server.


Wormbo on Beyondunreal Forums, Epic Games Forums, Unreal Engine Forums and
Wormbo on EnterTheGame, Quakenet and GlobalGamers
Instant Messengers
Oh, get lost, please.

Unreal Wiki work

I'm not only one of the administrators around here, but also try to contribute as much as possible.

Putting knowledge into words isn't exactly my strongest part, but I'm trying hard for the wiki. Here are some tutorials based on stuff I made:

See the tutorials category for more generic tutorials, not only by me. An article I really like to recommend to everyone trying to get networking stuff done in UnrealScript is Everything you ever wanted to know about replication (but were afraid to ask).

There's also a subpage where i put random useful code snippets until I get around to writing up proper articles for them.

Modding work

Some things I was or still am responsible for.

I created much of the base code of UT3 Jailbreak. I've also contributed some code to UT Jailbreak III and Jailbreak 200x.
Mercury Missiles/Rockets UT
Descent 1-3 rockets in UT, Descent 2 Mercury Missiles for UT200x. There were plans to revive Rockets for UT3, but that won't happen.
Anti TCC
That annoying (but popular) anti-cheat mutator for UT200x. All my fault. ;-)
I contributed v1.3 of the ban manager and some code for the old UTAN website. I rewrote the ban manager for the UTAN successor Llama Punter, but am not involved in anything related to that site.
Chaos UT2 Evolution
I've created the code for the Gravity Vortex and laser trip mines. No longer involved in this either.
UT GUI extensions
An improved mod menu, a weapon priority dialog and a WinXP-style GUI skin for UT.
Custom classes for the Unreal Wiki

Also quite a few other things for UT and UT200x. See my website for a longer list, including downloads.

Mapping work

I actually started mapping quite a while ago, though I'm not quite that good at it. My released maps:

My first ever released map. It's a JB2004 conversion of DOM-Aswan and since I'm a coder, it contains custom code for the execution sequence.
Another Jailbreak conversion, this time for UT3 Jailbrea, based on VCTF-Suspense. Not really custom code here, useful stuff went direct into the UT3 Jailbreak core or support code.
A simple remake of Q3CTF4, aka. Space CTF from Quake 3 Arena. Custom code? Of course! Quake 3 pickup rules, a Flak Cannon as starting weapon and the BFRL10k as super weapon.
A remake of Q3DM17 in the same style as CTF-SpaceCTF, also with Q3 pickup rules.
A conversion of G.Lecter's JB2004c map The Decks for CTF. Contains some custom DodgeJumpSpots, because bots are stupid.